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Taking a break

A couple of months ago I wrote about my new brand experiment. I wanted to have a clear focus for my personal brand and to be more consistent in my output. I decided to focus on content marketing for startups. I started writing one post on this blog every week ...

How I keep track of my tasks, projects, and content calendar

I'm on a never-ending quest to find the best ways to keep myself on-track and efficient. As such, I'm constantly experimenting with different workflows or methods of organisation. Recently I've developed a setup that's working really well. Here's what it involves.

Analogue and digital

I ...

How to make "radar" meetings worthwhile

I've been struggling with networking for a while now. I wrote a post a few months ago where I mentioned some of the things I was struggling with, one being the feeling of networking being like a game or a competition. Apart from this, I've also felt that ...

A thank you

In the past year I've become more aware of the gender inequality in the tech industry, and the discrimination and abuse some women have encountered working in tech. I want to help improve this situation and I'm heartened by the brave people throughout the industry who are willing ...

How I got out of my funk

It's 6:46am. I was supposed to be starting this just after 6am but I couldn't drag myself out of bed until now.

This week I'm on a holiday from client work. I'm working on Exist, but all of my normal client work time is going ...

Lean writing

The more I write, the more I favor a "lean" writing approach. In the spirit of lean startups, I've developed a writing process that's focused on creating a solution to the problem as quickly as possible, and iterating on it.

If you're getting stuck when trying to ...

Stop gating your content

The term "gated content" most often applies to a content product, such as an eBook or PDF available to download, that a customer must "pay for" with their email address.

Here are some examples:

Social Media Examiner


Paul Jarvis

I hate gated content. I don't want to give you my email address as payment ...

Periods of growth come in waves

I'm feeling tired and rundown this week. But I'm not too surprised about it. I've just come through a period of huge growth and productivity. I launched The List, set a weekly publishing schedule for this blog and stuck to it (I even got ahead, so I ...

Some of my favourite things

I've shared some of my favourite apps in the past, and recently I shared the tools I use for writing. Today I want to focus on the physical products I use all the time and would recommend.

My computer is a MacBook Air and my phone is an iPhone ...

What we call our writing

When you write something, what name do you give it? A blog post? An article, and essay?

Paul Graham is well-known for publishing essays on his site, and he's even written one about what essays are.

An essay is supposed to be a search for truth.

Graham says essays ...

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