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My inbox is full of freelance client requests this morning. This is all great news, but there's so much at once that it's just making me feel overwhelmed. This is one of those mornings when it's best to just close the inbox and focus on something else.

Some long-awaiting bug fixes and nice improvements in the latest update to iA Writer for Mac today. Really happy to see these changes.

Productive Habits launches today!

Today I'm happy to announce Productive Habits, a four-week email course in working smarter, not harder, has launched!

The course is available for $39 USD and includes 20 lessons, 4 worksheets, links to further reading, recommended products to help you implement the lessons, and summary sheets for each week ...

What I've learned about programming from two years of iOS development

I started learning iOS development a little over two years ago. During that time I've been wrapping my head around Objective-C, working on the iOS companion app for Exist, and building some smaller apps on the side. I've gone from working through tutorials a couple of hours a ...

Any day that starts with downloading a new app to play with is a good day. A day that also starts with an offer for more freelance work, an accepted interview request, and my app getting through Apple review is a very good day.

Finally got an invite for Polymail. So far, liking it quite a bit. Gmail labels are treated more like folders than labels, which suits my workflow. Nylas N1 is still a contender, but I'm sticking with Polymail for the moment.

How I manage tasks and projects with Todoist

Someone asked me recently if I'd changed my organisation processes since writing this post in 2014. In fact, almost everything I mentioned in that post has changed!

Just recently I was fired for the first time ever. I was just settling down after the shock of switching from freelancing ...

I'm still amazed when I think about how much I've learned about programming. I say I'm an iOS developer, but sometimes I still think to myself, "Wow. I'm actually doing this! I'm programming as if it's just a normal thing I do!"

How I use my Apple Watch

I find it interesting to read about how other people use their Apple Watches, and whether they're still using them months after the novelty has worn off. I thought I'd join the fray by sharing my own experience so far.

I got an Apple Watch in September, as ...

How I use a notebook to stay organised

When I recently switched back to the craziness of working on Hello Code, working for freelance clients (/looking for new freelance clients), and building and marketing my own products, my needs for staying organised changed a lot. I suddenly had a lot of different contexts of working, different people to ...

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