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How I journal


I've been a fan of journalling in theory for a long time. But I haven't been able to put it into practice consistently.

I've tried apps like Day One, and I've tried automatically saving data about my day like where I went and what music I ...

Experimenting with the Midori Traveler's Notebook


I recently shared my process of planning in my Midori Traveler's Notebook on the Decade Thirty blog. I wanted to go into a bit more detail about the inserts I use, for anyone who's wondering about which ones to try.

I've had my Midori Traveler's Notebook ...

My Wife and I Are (Both) Pregnant

This is a fascinating story that brings up some important points about the energy and support required to look after newborn babies.

Monthly Review: May 2016


At the start of each month I do a review of my goals, habits, and experiments from the past month. In January 2015 I started publishing my monthly reviews on my blog instead of keeping them private. You can see them all in my monthly reviews category.

At the start ...

On being a beginner developer

My friend Jeremey has been learning JavaScript for a while. In this post he explains a problem I came up against in my own experience of learning iOS development:

I share the backstory to highlight two main hurdles I ran into:

  1. If you're thinking of pursuing a developer role ...

Enumerating the ways I love Swift Enumerations

Really simple example of how enumerations with associated values work in Swift, and why they're so useful.

Two ways to level up your analogue planner or bullet journal

Notebook and pens

Since rejoining the world of paper planning and journalling recently, I've been visiting Reddit and Instagram regularly to pick up inspiration.

It's always interesting to see how other people organise themselves and what personal quirks they've included in their own planning methods.

Unfortunately, it's also easy ...

The Productive Habits book is now available!

I hit a big milestone yesterday: I released my first ever book! It's an e-book version of the Productive Habits course, with all the same lessons in an easy-to-reference format, and a little extra research material thrown in.

You can get the book in a bundle with the course ...

A Brief iOS9 UIStackView Guide

Looking into using UIStackView for the first time today, and I found this explanation really helpful.

How to read a lot

When I was 11 I won a year-long reading competition at school for reading the most books of anyone in my year.

In 2013 I read 7 books. I don't remember how many books I read to win that competition, but I have no doubt it was many more ...

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